The Teaching Artist Institute

Professional Development for Artists by Artists

Dance. Theatre. Visual Arts. Media Arts. Music.

Comprehensive Professional Development for Artists of All Disciplines

The Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) cultivates a community of teaching artists who are empowered by partnering with teachers. Together they address the diverse needs of students through the arts and transform classrooms through joy and creativity. TAI provides artists with:

training in educational trends and best practices, curriculum standards, and classroom management strategies
coaching from an exemplary faculty of master teaching artists
opportunities to network and collaborate with other artists and teachers
TAI graduate Max Bent beatboxing with students

Central Purpose

Transforming Classroom Culture through the Arts

Our essential question: How can artists transform classroom culture through the arts?

We know that classroom culture is the secret sauce for students’ growth socially, academically, and holistically. And we know that arts naturally contribute to building community and elevating student voice.

TAI is based on a collaborative teaching approach between teachers and artists that impacts the students, the artists, the teachers, and often the school communities as well.

Program Overview

What Artists Can Gain from Enrolling in TAI

Artists will come away from TAI with a highly marketable fine arts residency built on a foundation of social and emotional learning AND the skills to confidently teach their art form in a classroom setting.

“TAI forever altered my understanding of what it is to be a teaching artist. I learned more than I knew there was to know about arts integration and teaching artistry.”

Drew Anderson, Hip Hop Artist

Artists Will…

Design a Classroom-Ready Fine Arts Residency

Instruction in designing, writing, and teaching artist-in-residence programs aligned with the MSDE Fine Arts Standards and opportunities to field test your lessons and receive feedback from colleagues and peers.

Receive 1:1 Mentorship from a Master Teaching Artist and Teacher Partner

Receive 1:1 mentorship from a designated teacher partner and a master teaching artist in your art form and many opportunities for reflection, inquiry, and connection.

Get to Know the Fundamentals of SEL and the CASEL Framework
TAI faculty will introduce models of effective fine arts residencies aligned with Social Emotional Learning and an overview of the CASEL framework.
Learn the Fundamentals of Working in Classrooms

Background on the essential elements of education: classroom management, knowledge and skills objectives, scaffolding, assessments, and more.

Learn How to Create Safe and Engaging Spaces for All Students

TAI faculty will introduce adaptable models of creating safe and engaging spaces for all children through community building, the arts, and asset-based classroom management strategies.

“The staff and artists who coached us through TAI opened a whole new level of integrated content, planning, and instructional skills to us. The opportunity to develop new programming for excited young artists, alongside engaged education professionals in so many unique environments has grown our vision as an organization. This fall, three more team members will begin TAI. Best professional development around!”

Matt Barinholtz, FutureMakers

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